"dastan remains in Virtus.pro". VP CEO comments on coach's dismissal

Virtus.pro CEO Nikolai Petrossian told in a short interview with Cybersport.ru that Dastan "dastan" Akbayev is not departing the club, despite the announcement of him being released from his duties of a team coach. According to the Bears' head, the possibility of continuing cooperation with the Kazakh specialist will be reconsidered after the offseason.

Nobody bid farewell to Dastan, and there is no need to write him off – he remains in Virtus.pro. After the players' break, we will meet and exchange thoughts on how Dastan's resource and experience can be useful to Virtus.pro.

Dastan has been working at VP for quite a long time, we had different periods and results. There was even a time when he did not work with the team, but we were able to overcome this and return to cooperation. Dastan cannot be considered separately from everything else. He's been with Dzhami for seven years, if I'm not mistaken. During this time, Dastan himself changed and grew. I was not there to see all these stages, but I assume that at each of them Dastan filled a specific role. Now, considering the roster changes that have taken place, we need to understand what role he will and can play in VP in the current realities.

Petrossian's comment was made due to the negative reaction of the community to the brief statement about the coach's dismissal. In the press release, the club did not mention the accomplishments of dastan, who had coached Virtus.pro since 2019, and has worked together with the permanent IGL Dzhami "Jame" Ali since 2017.

Note that at BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024 the responsibilities of the VP coach will be carried out by the team's analyst Pavel "PASHANOJ" Legostaev. According to the rumors, the club is interested in signing Andrey "XomA" Mironenko, who spent the last year with 9 Pandas.

Origin: www.cybersport.ru