shox speaks about desire to become coach after retirement

French esports athlete Richard "shox" Papillon in an interview with revealed his desire to try himself as a coach. According to him, after retirement, he will try to realize himself in a new role.

I have already thought about this and I would probably give it a try for sure. And then we will see if I like it and also if I can I be good at it. But for now, I still want to play. But for sure, as soon as I'm  done playing, this is something I will explore and try to help the team as much as I can by being a coach.

I think this is something where I can be good because I think I'm good at organizing. I also been a leader in-game, and I also worked with players that were way above my age, if that makes sense. It's been a lot of years and I've been in different teams and I know what works and what doesn't work, but also what is important for a team. And this is something I will definitely like be very happy to do and to help the players.

However, Papillon noted that he does not intend to end his career and would definitely continue to compete upon the Counter-Strike 2 release.

We have Counter-Strike 2 around the corner and that is something I've been waiting for; to just have like a great change in Counter-Strike. Because I feel CS:GO, despite being the best game in the world in my opinion, still doesn't have enough updates to always like have something new. And sometimes it can be long with one meta, always having the same maps same and not changing for months or even years. Sometimes it can be long and I'm feeling like we need something to change and now it's finally coming. So my motivation is higher than it has ever been.

shox recently departed his own Nakama project and entered free agency. The decision was made after an unsuccessful performance at the qualifier for Paris Major 2023.