Astralis Director of Sports: "I'm sure his presence will make a difference from day one"

Astralis Director of Sports Kasper Hvidt believes that the signing of Nicolai "device" Reedtz will help improve the team right away. The head shared his opinion about the return of the star AWPer in a conversation with the club's press office.

For various reasons has not been in official competitions for a long time, but over the past months he has built himself up, and he is coming back to us with a strong hunger to help the team. For the first time in years, we do not have a big tournament just around the corner and no immediate pressure, so we take the time to do things right on and around the team – at the right time. This also goes for his tournament comeback. Nicolai will step into the group and work with the coach and team immediately, and I am sure his presence will make a difference from day one. I am delighted that we have succeeded in bringing a huge fan favourite, a fantastic player, a cultural bearer and a real team player home to Astralis. He will be one of the cornerstones of what we are building on and around the team.

Reedtz joined Astralis after ten months of being inactive. According to the player, such a long pause in his career has to do with psychological problems.

device's transfer from NIP was a continuation of a rebuilding phase in Astralis, which began with the benching of coach Martin "trace" Heldt. The Danish club needs to decide on the final look of the lineup in the next three weeks, as on November 16, the team will kick off its Elisa Masters Espoo 2022 campaign.