OverDrive: Boombl4 assembled a new roster under the auspices of a betting company [Updated]

Update (October 26, 19:45 MSK): OverDrive denied the rumor he reported. "The rumor about BetBoom and Boombl4 was proven false. At the moment, BetBoom does not have any team," the insider wrote on his Telegram channel.

Former NAVI's in-game leader Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov has assembled a new roster that will play under the name BetBoom backed by the eponymous betting company. The rumor was talked up by insider Alexey "OverDrive" Birukov on his Telegram channel.

They say that Boombl4 and BetBoom are assembling a roster. Or rather, even already, perhaps, have assembled. They say that there will be very decent players, but so far this is all in rumor.

Boombl4 has been inactive since May of this year, when NAVI moved him to the bench due to high reputational risks for the club. Later, the player clarified that the reason for the removal from the Natus Vincere roster was the inappropriate behavior of his ex-wife.

After being benched, Mikhailov took part in several amateur CS:GO tournaments and was also involved in streaming and music. At the time of publication of the material, the Russian esports athlete has yet to comment on the rumors about his return to the pro scene.

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