Around $1.6 million in CS:GO items stolen from a big skin trading service

Skin trading site CS.MONEY lost about $1.6 million worth of in-game items as a result of a hacker attack, as reported on the Twitter account of Arrow, a well-known skin expert.

According to the published information, the hackers distributed the stolen skins among more than 30 Steam accounts. To divert attention from the targeted theft, they also sent trade offers to the biggest collectors and traders, some of whom accepted the items but reported problems to the administration of the service.

As of now, representatives of the trading platform, which is currently not working, have yet to comment on the incident. Several enthusiasts immediately began their own investigation and found dummy accounts, most of which have public inventories, which made it possible to calculate their profit from the illegal actions.

At the end of June of this year, a collector got his $2 million-worth CS:GO inventory stolen, with the lion's share of the amount sold through third-party skin marketplaces. issued full refunds to users who bought the skins and then lost them as a result of a forced return to the affected owner.