decides to refund users affected by the "HFB incident"

The administration has announced and soon after issued refunds to all users affected by the "HFB incident", which included sales of stolen items from the biggest CS:GO skins collector named HFB.

On the evening of June 21, the account of the biggest collector of CS:GO skins HFB and his $2 million-worth inventory got compromised. The unknown hackers who managed to acquire access to the account sold the high-value items at various P2P trading websites, including where the majority of high-value skins were sold for a significantly lower price than their estimated value.

Soon after, Valve took action by revoking all trades from the buyers and returned the items to HFB's Steam inventory.

The total purchases on reached the $242,000 mark, with the biggest purchases made by a single user adding up to $140,000. However, the seller managed to withdraw the funds received from the sales of the stolen items and the buyers were left both without the money and the items that were purchased.

The administration decided to take a stand by protecting users of their service and on June 23 announced and issued full refunds to everyone affected by the incident. The total compensation amount added up to $242,000 which covered at its own expense.