Boombl4: "I spoke with the CEO of G2, but moving to another country was one of the conditions"

Russian esports athlete Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov, who has been on the sidelines in NAVI since May of this year, has commented on the rumors about negotiations on a transfer to G2. During a live stream on the Twitch channel of rapper Morgenshtern, he admitted that he spoke with the head of G2, but no agreement was reached due to the organization's requirement to move from Russia to one of three European countries.

I spoke with the CEO of G2, but moving to another country was one of the conditions. The taxes there are different and all this is very difficult. I would like to stay in Russia for the time being, because it is very difficult morally to leave for another country. Playing in a European team without friends, family and loved ones is very difficult. It's not about attachment to any country but relatives and friends. Without them, you will burn out very quickly and you will not be able to get this energy anywhere else.

There are three countries to choose from. But I was just talking to one player from the team. I understand that pretty much the same fate would await me. It's Germany, France or Andorra and Serbia.

It's not just about moving, although that's the main thing. You also need experience of playing in an English-speaking team. For a team like G2, the result is important right away. Why can't you play there and stay in Russia? Honestly, I do not know. They said my reputation wasn't particularly good.

Mikhailov also said that one of the options for pursuing his career would be to create a new team. He has already made a shortlist of candidates, but did not disclose the names of the players under consideration.

At the end of July, Boombl4 announced via his Telegram channel that he would like to join a European team. The community put forward several assumptions, one of which was G2 – in the current off-season the club intends to replace the captain, which is the Russian's role.