Boombl4: "A team from Europe would be a good start to a new story without NAVI"

Benched in NAVI Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov has opened up about his future esports career plans on his Telegram channel. The Russian believes that the European team would be a good start for him on a new path after being removed from the Natus Vincere roster.

At this point of my life, I feel that I have passed one of the most difficult stages. I have set clear goals and objectives for myself and my future team. For me, a team from Europe would certainly be a good start to a new story without NAVI. Which one and what's about it, we'll see later.

In the comments, I see that many are waiting for changes in teams' rosters. What will come of this in the future is anyone's guess. The result of the rotation in the FaZe roster was not long in coming, but only one team so far is going as confidently as always, and this is NAVI.

Making a bet on my move somewhere is great PR. The one who came up with this is a genius, but I don't support it.

Boombl4 also assured that his passion for music and development in this direction does not affect training in CS:GO.

Of course, the number of people who supported me in June pushed me to create something new. And no, contrary to your guesses, this does not interfere with training, my personal game and analysis of potential future opponents' games. I enjoy playing just as much as ever, I study and train what I lack. People can write books about my story, why can't I pump out a couple of words over the beat for a buzz?

NAVI moved Boombl4 to the bench at the end of May. The organization emphasized that this decision was made due to high reputational risks and had nothing to do with his game. A month ago, the Russian explained that the risks to the club's reputation were the public behavior of his ex-wife.