GODSENT disband academy roster

GODSENT have officially announced the parting with their academy roster, which played under the name Young Gods. All the players will be free to explore new career opportunities as free agents.

GODSENT CEO Henrik Denebrandt told HLTV.org that after the sale of three players from the main roster to 00NATION, it no longer made no sense to the club to work with a youth team. In his opinion, the main and academy lineups should exist in parallel and constantly coordinate their work.

The Young Gods roster was formed at the end of last year and since then has not been able to achieve any significant results. Among other things, the team took part in the fourth WePlay Academy League season, where they finished in 9-10th place.

The information about GODSENT's parting with their academy team comes in the midst of WePlay Academy League Season 5, in which Young Gods were originally supposed to participate. The Brazilian team has withdrawn, while all its matches have been forfeited.

GODSENT attempted to submit a new academy team for the ongoing season of the league from WePlay, but the tournament operator declined this request, the club's CEO also revealed in a conversation with an HLTV.org journalist.

Young Gods were:

 John "⁠lineko⁠" Lineck
 Leonardo "⁠n9xtz⁠" Santos
 João "⁠Snowzin⁠" Vinicius
 Carlos "⁠venomzera⁠" Eduardo
 Bruno "⁠brn$⁠" de Araújo

Origin: twitter.com