degster: "I'm getting offers. Now I'm telling all the teams that I'm resting in July"

In an interview on the DatoKadze YouTube channel, Team Spirit player Abdul "degster" Gasanov spoke about the process of finding a new team after the organization put him on the transfer list. According to the AWPer, despite an abundance of offers, he is not ready to join a new team before August of this year, as he wants to have a rest.

Relatively speaking, at the moment I'm just waiting and negotiating with some teams. I'm getting offers. Now I'm telling all the teams that I'm resting in July. <...> So far, I'm inactive and refused all offers to play at IEM Cologne 2022. I just want to have a rest. In an interview before the showmatch at BLAST, I already said that for five years straight I have been busy doing something while on vacation: training, looking for an apartment to move in and all that. There was not a single time when I have a month off to just relax.

degster also confirmed the information that the reason for his departure from Team Spirit was not only the unwillingness to permanently reside in Serbia, but also in-game problems within the team.

Many people had something to say on my departure and, most interestingly, did not ask my opinion. This is also an experience and understanding of who you communicated with and their behavior after the cessation of professional relationships. My decision was prompted by many reasons. Yes, I don't want to live in Serbia for nine months of the year. <...> There are many factors within the team that we discussed. I told the guys what I wanted. Some of these things were unacceptable. I come to OG and see what I need. As OverDrive said in his video, I had a conversation where they told me: "Abdul, we need you to do this and that. What you want to do is cool, but we're not that experienced yet. Not all of us can adjust to this.

degster was benched in Team Spirit shortly after PGL Major Antwerp 2022, where the team finished 3-4th. Subsequently, Igor "w0nderful" Zhdanov replaced the Russian as the main AWPer of the squad.