OverDrive reveals the real reason for degster's departure from Team Spirit

Esports blogger Alexey "OverDrive" Birukov, in a video on his YouTube channel, spoke about the reason for Abdul "degster" Gasanov's departure from Team Spirit. According to him, the sniper left the team not because of the unwillingness to permanently reside in Serbia, as previously announced, but because of disagreements regarding Team Spirit's play style.

OverDrive emphasized that Gasanov wants to act as a star player, while the structure of Team Spirit does not imply such a role and is primarily focused on team actions.

The fact that degster left because he did not want to move to Serbia is not what I want to emphasize here. This, of course, is an important factor, but not the main one. Of course, degster wanted to spend more time with his girlfriend and be in Moscow more, while the organization needed him to be with the team in Belgrade. As you can imagine, if that was the only reason, Abdul would hardly have left the team. The reason lies deeper.

degster is definitely one of the best snipers in the world. I think at least the top 10. He understands "micro" and "macro" very well, does great in clutches, is very efficient and has a very high "kill-potential". <...> Behind all this, there were some moments that bothered him a little and took him away from this team. Abdul wants to play CS where he is a leader, a star player, makes kills and the whole team plays for him. All this should not be in the structure, but as he wants. He wants to feel his power and give an incredible performance. With hally, Team Spirit's game is built in such a way that there is a rigid structure in which there are no star players, where sometimes you have to lineup a flashbang, sometimes "take the back", and sometimes jump in first for a trade. Everyone accepts it, and it has borne some fruit. Abdul also understood that this led to results, yet it was still not his game. He occasionally said: "I want to play like this. I want more freedom and peak more. It kept him on a short leash. He felt out of place.

OverDrive also added that degster's departure from Team Spirit could have taken place at the beginning of this year, when the club announced a new roster. Then, the AWPer was also dissatisfied with his role and doubted that he would be able to realize himself in the team.

Birukov obtained all the information shared directly from interaction with Team Spirit, where he worked as an analyst during PGL Major Antwerp 2022.

Origin: youtu.be