degster: "At the moment, I'm already discussing my move with some teams"

Transfer-listed Team Spirit player Abdul "degster" Gasanov gave an interview to, in which, among other things, he spoke about his status and the process of finding a place to continue his career. The Russian noted that he is currently negotiating the move with several teams.

Now I am transfer-listed. The guys even decided to announce my buyout fee. This, as I understand it, is the minimum price for which they are ready to let me go. I am grateful to them, we are on good terms, and now I'm just waiting for my transfer and the corresponding actions from the teams that I have offers from. I believe that after the Player Break I will get new offers, so now I'm just studying the market and the options that I have and I'm looking forward to the opportunity to prove myself in a new team at this year's main tournaments.

The top teams are now playing at top events and they have no time to think about replacements yet. I think the Player Break is when things will get interesting. And that's when people from international teams will reach out to me. At the moment, I'm already discussing my move with some teams. But... all I can say now is that I'm more interested in offers from international teams. I believe now is the right moment for me to try my hand there.

Gasanov also commented on his current status as one of the best AWPers on the professional scene, which he achieved after the successful PGL Major Antwerp 2022 and BLAST Premier Spring Final 2022.

I am very pleased that they compare me to the best. I already said it at BLAST, when we lost to NAVI in the semifinals. When we spoke with English-speaking casters, I said that now there are several players in the world that I consider stronger than myself in CS:GO. But I am absolutely confident in myself and I believe that if I put in the right amount of effort not only in the game but also outside of it, I can surpass these people. At the same time, I want to note that I love, appreciate and always will respect these people for their love of the game, hard work and creativity. Some of them don't work as hard as me, some of them never worked as hard as me, but they have achieved success. I have my own way, and on this way, I will try to show the world, all the fans of this game and all my fans what I can do.

In the interview, the journalist asked degster to name the players he considers to be better than himself. Taking into account only AWPers, the Russian singled out Alexandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut and Nicolai "device" Reedtz.