OverDrive: degster's buyout fee from Team Spirit amounts to $300,000

Insider Alexey "OverDrive" Birukov has revealed the buyout fee of Team Spirit's AWPer Abdul "degster" Gasanov. According to him, the acquisition of the Russian will cost a potential buyer $300,000.

Since early June, degster has been benched in Team Spirit. The player himself said that the reason for his leave was the unwillingness to permanently reside in Serbia, where the Russian organization has been based since March of this year.

After being removed from the starting five, Gasanov took part in BLAST Premier Spring Final 2022 as a standin for OG. He helped the European team reach the semifinals and finished the tournament with an average rating of 1.16.

In the course of the recently concluded BLAST event, degster stated that he prefers an English-speaking roster as a place for his future career. The sniper went on to say that the only CIS team he would join is NAVI.

Origin: twitter.com