xaoc on NAVI roster's future: "Most likely, the replacement of Boombl4 was the last one"

NAVI COO Aleksey "xaoc" Kucherov opened up about the future of the roster on the podcast of caster Mikhail "Olsior" Zverev. Among other things, he stated that the recently announced benching of Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov will likely remain the only roster change.

Do the Russians stay in the team? Yes, they have moved. Perfecto will move in just a few days. Most likely, the replacement of Boombl4 was the last one. I won't say it's a 100% chance. On the one hand, I want to focus on Ukrainian players, but on the other, there are not so many of them. Apparently, this was the last replacement specifically in the CS:GO division. We will see and test some people for the fifth player's position.

We have a couple of options, but in all of them there are nuances that need to be addressed. Only over time will it become clear which of these options we will work with moving forward. And even if it does happen, there will most likely be some short trial period.

During the podcast, Kucherov also confirmed the previously appeared information about the interest in Timur "buster" Tulepov and stressed that the only option for a Kazakhstani player to join NAVI is for him to become a free agent by buying out his contract from Virtus.pro or in some other way.

A new player of the NAVI roster should be announced in the near future, since on June 15 the team will debut at BLAST Premier Spring Final 2022.

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