YEKINDAR after elimination from Major: "Outsiders and my own future is not certain"

Player Mareks "YEKINDAR" Galinskis briefly summed up the results of his team's performance at PGL Major Antwerp 2022 on his Twitter. After the elimination from the tournament, he noted the psychological resilience of the roster and stressed that his future, as well as the prospects of his teammates, remain unclear.

Together with YEKINDAR, Aleksei "Qikert" Golubev also opened up about the prospects of Outsiders. The Kazakhstani player wrote that fans should expect both good and bad news.

The rumors about the possible disbandment of the current Outsiders roster appeared before the start of PGL Major Antwerp 2022 when Dexerto reported on the possible departure of YEKINDAR. Subsequently, journalist Richard Lewis shared insider information about the Latvian rifler continuing his career in NAVI.

The next tournament in the Outsiders calendar is EPL Conference Season 16, which will be held in Sweden from June 15 to 20. The roster owned by will attend the event as the winner of ESL Challenger February 2022.