fnatic lost their chances of reaching IEM Fall 2021 Europe playoffs

At the IEM Fall 2021 Europe RMR tournament, the first team to lose their chances of advancing to the playoffs has been determined. fnatic have lost three consecutive matches and will not be able to reach the top 3 in Group D even in case of winning two other rounds.

Following the results of three matchdays, other outsiders and finalists of the IEM Fall 2021 Europe group stage remain undetermined. Copenhagen Flames, Astralis, Sinners, Vitality and NIP are the intermediate leaders of their groups, while AURA, Endpoint, MAD Lions and Sprout are yet to get any points, but still have chances of entering the top three.

The fourth-round matches of the group stage, the full list of which can be found here, will take place today, October 2. The upcoming meetings are divided into four time slots: 20:00 MSK - Group B, 21:15 MSK - Group C, 22:30 MSK - Group D, and 23:45 MSK - Group A.

Current IEM Fall 2021 Europe group stage standings:

Full schedule, up-to-date results, as well as the IEM Fall 2021 Europe live stream are available on the tournament’s page on our website via this link.