Chinese collector purchased M4A4 Howl for a record $100,000

Еhe most expensive skins deal has bee recorded in the history of  CS:GO. According to the popular market analyst ohnePixel, the Chinese collector bought StatTrak M4A4 | Howl with four holographic iBUYPOWER stickers | Katowice 2014 for about $100,000.

The float of the abovementioned skins, which is one of the most important indicators of the value of cosmetic items in the CS:GO, is minimal - 0.003300928. The value is also increased by some of the rarest stickers, the price of which reaches $8,000 per piece.

In a comment for ohnePixel, the collector said that he intends to sell the unique M4A4 | War for $130,000.

The previous record deal in CS:GO took place in January 2018. The unknown then bought a souvenir AWP | The Dragon Story for $61,000.