Rarest AK-47 sold for over one million dollars

An extremely rare version of the skin for AK-47 "Case Hardened", which was priced at $2 million, was sold to an unnamed collector. The now former owner of the item announced the transaction via the X social media.

The exact sale price of the valuable AK-47 has not been disclosed, but it definitely exceeds a million dollars. The former owner had previously declined several offers of $1 million and expressed his readiness to let go of the skin for $2 million on the spot.

Notably, this is a record amount for the sale of a cosmetic item in Counter-Strike. Previously, out of all publicly known transactions, the largest amount was paid for AK-47 "Case Hardened" with the pattern #661 and four Titan Holo stickers – the skin costed the buyer ~$400,000.

Note that in January, for the first time in history, a player managed to craft an AK-47 "Case Hardened" with StatTrak™ technology and the most valuable pattern #661, which was considered almost impossible, given the negligible odds. At the same time, this item also has the minimal wear among all known "Case Hardened" skins.

Origin: x.com