The collector sells most valuable AK-47 and Karambit for $500,000

Danish skin collector known in the CS:GO community as Luksusbums has sold an AK-47 (StatTrak™) Case Hardened with four Titan Holo stickers and a Case Hardened Karambit for $500,000, as a trader and ECSTATIC's co-owner Oliver "zipeL" Berensdorf, who mediated the deal, reported via his Twitter account.

Luksusbums put his AK-47 up for sale at the end of 2022 – then it was estimated at $400,000. However, with the price increase amidst the imminent release of Counter-Strike 2 and the inclusion of Karambit in the deal, the total sum jumped by 30%.

This price is due to the fact that the sold AK-47 has the lowest wear for a rare pattern number 661 (the most blue coloured pattern). Moreover, the Titan Holo stickers significantly increase the cost of the skin, estimated at approximately $60k each.

The sale also included Well Worn Karambit Case Hardened, valued at approximately $100,000. The buyer is a Chinese collector, whose inventory also includes rare items worth over $100,000.