Astralis climb to eighth place in HLTV ranking

Another HLTV ranking update saw Astralis entering the list of leaders and taking eighth place. This was made possible due to their successful performance at the ongoing ESL Pro League Season 19, where the Danish giant became the strongest in Group A. also improved their position in the top 10, moving up from tenth to ninth place. At the same time, HEROIC closed the top ten, while Falcons approached it.

Specifically, it is worth noting the progress of M80 and 3DMAX over the past week. Good results at the EPL allowed them to leap 15 and 11 positions, respectively.

HLTV's ranking is updated weekly and primarily takes into account the results of the last two months. Teams' achievements over the past year are also considered, with the number of points for past successes decreasing each month.