HEROIC leaves Louvre Agreement with ESL

Norwegian organization HEROIC has decided to exit the Louvre Agreement with ESL. The tournament operator announced this via its Twitter account.

HEROIC's agreement with ESL is reported to be terminated effective immediately. Thus, the club is released from any future membership payments or installments, as well as rights to revenue share.

At the same time, the tournament operator stated that the team will not lose invites to seasons 19 and 20 of ESL Pro League. Moreover, the roster will participate in IEM Chengdu 2024, to which it previously was invited as a partner.

Note that HEROIC became ESL's partner at the end of 2021. The club joined the Louvre Agreement together with BIG and FURIA. At the same time, starting in 2025, Valve prohibits any partner leagues, while the invites to tournaments will be issued based on the company's ranking.

Origin: twitter.com