ESL adjusts IEM Sydney 2023 schedule to account for MR12

Tournament operator ESL has announced schedule changes for the upcoming IEM Sydney 2023. The organizers decided to adjust the expected match duration, taking into account the first experience of running matches in CS2.

As a result, the IEM Sydney 2023 group stage openers will now kick off at 03:30 CET, rather than the originally announced 02:00 CET. Moreover, the organizers have reduced the delay between matches. Now the interval between BO1 series will be 1 hour, while the delay between BO3 series will be 3 hours.

These changes are based on the recent ESL's research, in which the tournament operator compared the average match duration between the MR15 and MR12 formats. The company concluded that, on average, matches are 10 minutes shorter.

IEM Sydney 2023 will take place from October 16 to 22 in Australia. At the tournament, sixteen roster will compete for $250K in prizes.