MOUZ enters race for Intel Grand Slam Season 5

The victory at ESL Pro League Season 18 allowed MOUZ to enter the race for the prestigious Intel Grand Slam Season 5 award. Besides the Kamil "siuhy" Szkaradek-led roster, three more teams, namely G2, Vitality and ENCE, are competing for $1 million in gold bars that are awarded to the winner.

The winner of the current Intel Grand Slam season will be the team that wins three ESL Pro Tour Masters events and one big tournament in the elite Championship category, which includes IEM Katowice, IEM Cologne or an ESL Major. From the moment of winning at one of these events, contenders are given ten attempts to secure all four titles.

At the moment, MOUZ, G2, Vitality and ENCE have one victory each. At the same time, siuhy's squad has more remaining attempts than the other teams – nine versus eight for G2, seven for ENCE and six for Vitality.

The results and schedule of upcoming Intel Grand Slam Season 5 tournaments are:

IEM Rio 2023 –  Vitality
IEM Dallas 2023 –  ENCE
IEM Cologne 2023 –  G2
ESL Pro League Season 18 –  MOUZ
IEM Sydney 2023 – October 16-22
IEM Katowice 2024 – January 31-February 11
IEM China 2024 – April 8-14

Earlier the winners of the Intel Grand Slam award, which has existed since 2018, were Astralis, Liquid, NAVI and FaZe. Season 5 was announced this spring, when ESL revealed that the race will kick off in CS:GO and continue after the transition to CS2.