Leetify: match in Counter-Strike 2 is 6 minutes shorter than in CS:GO

Analytical service Leetify presented comparative statistics on the duration of matches in Counter-Strike 2 and CS:GO. The analysis allowed to discover that a match in the new version of Valve's shooter lasts six minutes less.

On average, one CS2 Premier game lasts 34 minutes. In turn, in CS:GO matchmaking a match lasts 40 minutes.

Leetify clarified that, on average, a CS2 game lasts 20.4 rounds, while a CS:GO game takes 24.9 rounds. At the same time, the new version of Valve's shooter uses the MR12 format, which includes a single overtime. However, the statistics did not include timeouts, the number of which was also increased in Counter-Strike 2.

However, the maximum duration of a CS2 game is slightly shorter than in CS:GO – 47 minutes compared to 49 minutes.

Earlier, the Leetify service discovered that the majority of CS2 Beta Season participants have a CS Rating of about 8K. Around 9.6% of players sit at this value.

Origin: twitter.com