harumi: mithR to replace kuben as Apeks coach

Torbjørn "mithR" Nyborg will take over as Apeks coach, replacing Jakub "kuben" Gurczynski, as insider Vlad "harumi" Radvilovich shared via his Telegram channel.

Gurczynski has been leading Apeks since August 2022. Together with the team, the Polish coach won a number of online tournaments, and also secured roster at the tier-1 scene. In particular, kuben helped the team to reach the semi-finals of BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023.

In turn, mithR is known for his stints with Renegades and MOUZ. The 33-year-old Dane currently leads the Apeks youth roster.

The nearest tournament for the European team will be ESL Pro League Season 18. Apeks will compete in Group C, matches of which kick off on September 13.

Suggested Apeks' lineup looks as follows:

 Tim "⁠nawwk⁠" Jonasson
 Joakim "⁠jkaem⁠" Myrbostad
 Martin "⁠STYKO⁠" Styk
 Damjan "⁠kyxsan⁠" Stoilkovski
 Aleksandar "CacaNito" Kjulukoski

 Torbjørn "mithR" Nyborg (coach)

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