m0NESY loses over 4K ELO on FACEIT after CS2 calibration

FACEIT carried out the previously announced ELO recalibration for the Counter-Strike 2 release, which resulted in best players' rating significantly decreasing. In particular, Russian esports athlete Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov lost over 4,000 points.

Notably, before the recalibration, m0NESY had 7223 ELO and was the strongest player on FACEIT. His current result is only 3135 ELO.

Other representatives of the pro-scene also noted a plummet in their rating on the platform. Namely, one of Counter-Strike's main prospects, Danil "donk" Kryshkovets, who currently competes for Team Spirit, now sits at mediocre 3K points instead of 6K.

In early August, FACEIT announced plans to recalibrate ELO, which had to affect all accounts on the platform after the release of CS2. New individual rating strongly depends on the player's statistics in CS:GO.

Origin: www.faceit.com