FACEIT announces ELO recalibration after CS2 release

Tournament platform FACEIT announced via its blog the upcoming ELO recalibration, which will be mandatory for all accounts after Counter-Strike 2 release. In addition, the developers will continue to improve the matchmaking system by introducing new features and limitations.

There will reportedly be an ELO adjustment on FACEIT to address the problem of inflated accounts in a single lobby and reduce matchmaking latency.

In many ways, the new ELO value will depend on the player's CS:GO statistics. At the same time, for accounts with a low number of points, a reset will occur.

FACEIT also admitted that they would be tackling the the problem of ELO difference between players in the same lobby. The platform will conduct tests from August 7 to 14. Thus, the difference between the lowest and highest party members cannot be more than 800 ELO.

Origin: blog.faceit.com