Nicole Jameson steps down as CEO of Evil Geniuses

Nicole Jameson has officially stepped down as the CEO of North American organization Evil Geniuses. Information about the resignation appeared in the Digiday magazine.

Jameson had been managing the club for just over four years. In particular, she had a hand in the return of Evil Geniuses to the pro scene of Counter-Strike and the signing of NRG roster in 2019. During the first few months, the roster also headed ranking.

However, during her time with the club, Jameson is also known for signing Party Astronauts and Carpe Diem lineups in the summer of 2022, which kickstarted the Blueprint project. However, already this year the organization abandoned the idea, focusing on the development of one team.

Chris DeAppolonio, who previously worked with Obey Alliance and OpTic, will temporarily take over as the CEO of the club. At the same time, Jameson still has a share in Evil Geniuses, which she is not going to sell.