exit announces MIBR's intention to continue training in Europe

MIBR's IGL Raphael "exit" Lacerda said that the team will continue to train in Europe. He talked about this in an interview with GameArena.

We will continue to be based in Europe because this region is the best place for practicing. Then we will go to Serbia and spend two more weeks bootcamping there to prepare for ESL Pro League Season 18.

Lacerda continued to elaborate on the topic and answered in detail why the Brazilian team would not return to their homeland. According to him, MIBR's goal is to prepare for the imminent release of Counter-Strike 2.

Whether we make it to the ESL Pro League playoffs or not, we will stay in Europe. CS2 release is around the corner, so we need to be a team that will be in Europe when it happens. Here we will have more options. We will not return to Brazil and will continue to train in Europe.

Earlier MIBR decided to abandon the North American region to compete in Europe. The team believes that this way they will be able to develop and show better long term results.

Origin: gamearena.gg