s1n: "Right now, tabseN is the IGL"

BIG's Elias "s1n" Stein told BLIX.GG that the team's IGL is still Johannes "tabseN" Wodarz. However, the young German esports athlete added that he will take on the role of IGL in the future, allowing Wodarz to focus on individual play.

So right now, it's tabseN, but long term, it should be me. For now, it helps me focus on my game and also helps me see how he handles the games and certain situations. It's a good learning experience.

Right now, tabseN is the IGL, but we spoke about what was always missing from past BIG teams, and that's a second voice. When he's on one part of the map, my responsibility is to take over and call on the other part of the map. Right now, we're doing that because I was the IGL in the academy team and I learnt to speak a lot and coordinate. That's what was missing and now we have the perfect pieces. I'll learn a lot, and eventually we can get tabseN back to a star fragger. As I said, though, he's doing a really good job, It's all about the system, and we're improving game by game.

Notably, in a recent interview, Karim "Krimbo" Moussa said that s1n has taken over the leadership of the roster.

BIG had an unsuccessful performance at the home IEM Cologne 2023. In the Play-In stage, the German team lost to Apeks and Liquid, securing the last place.

Origin: blix.gg