CS:GO's peak player count exceeds 1.8 million users

CS:GO has set a new peak player count record, as today, May 6, SteamDB recorded 1,818,773 concurrent users on the servers of Valve's shooter.

The all-time high was reached amidst the addition of content to the game for BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023, which will be the last Major in CS:GO, as subsequent Majors will be held in CS2.

CS:GO has been growing in popularity since the beginning of the year, when rumors about the imminent port of the game to the Source 2 engine became more frequent. On February 11, the peak player count reached 1,320,219 users – a record since 2020, which then was updated ten more times.

Along with peak player count, the average number of concurrent users on CS:GO servers is also growing. At the end of April, the average player count amounted to a record 918 thousand people.

Origin: steamdb.info