"There was no worry, but there was responsibility." interz speaks on map played for Cloud9

Ex-Cloud9 player Timofey "interz" Yakushin during a live broadcast spoke about yesterday's replacement of Abay "HObbit" Khassenov on the second map in the match against OG. According to Yakushin, he was not worried, but wanted to help his ex-teammates win.

I slept for an hour, I opened my eyes and thought that I should watch the demos. I watched two games on Mirage from those who interested me. Then I see that the manager is calling by WhatsApp. I think if something happened. I pick up the phone: "Timokha, hello. Abay got sick, he has something with his eye. Can you play the second map against OG for us?" I said that I would be ready in ten minutes. I made tea, installed anti-cheat, rebooted the PC, went to the server and the match began. That's pretty much how it went.

There was no worry, but there was responsibility. I got in and thought to myself: we need to win with the guys no matter what. I wouldn't accept defeat. Then, when I already entered, I calmly played, it was quite simple.

Yesterday, May 3, Cloud9 required an emergency replacement on the second map against OG, since HObbit had problems with his eyes. As a result, Yakushin agreed to help his former team by contributing to the victory at Overpass. In the match, the Russian roster got the best of OG and advanced to the finals of Brazy Party 2023.

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