NAVI Javelins secure Gamers Without Borders Women Charity Invitational 2023 title

NAVI Javelins secured the Gamers Without Borders Women Charity Invitational 2023 title, as in the final of the event, the Polish roster bested NIP Impact with a scoreline of 3:0 – 19:17 on Ancient, 19:16 on Vertigo and 16:13 on Anubis.

NAVI Javelins kicked off the tournament from the semi-finals, to which the team was invited by the organizers. Here Wiktoria "vicu" Janicka's squad got the best of 9 Pandas Fearless.

For winning the tournament, the Polish team secured $1 million in prize money, which, along with the rest of the prize fund, will go to charity. Participants themselves determine to which organization the winnings will be sent: Direct Relief, International Medical Corps, UNICEF, UNHCR, KSrelief.

The final bracket looks as follows:

Distribution of the prize fund:

1.  NAVI Javelins – $1,000,000
2.  NIP Impact – $600,000
3-4.  Nigma Galaxy – $300,000 
3-4.  9 Pandas Fearless – $300,000 
5-6.  BIG EQUIPA – $150,000 
5-6.  G2 Oya – $150,000