Asia RMR participants could use Internet during matches

According to, the Paris Major 2023 Asia RMR participants had access to the Internet during the official matches. It turned out that MESA, the qualifier's organizer, had not made sure that the rules were properly followed, which called into question the integrity of the competition.

Several sources confirmed that the players were online and had access to their Steam accounts. Thus, even after the Internet was turned off, they could see which of their friends were online and receive the necessary information through them. representatives tried to draw BLAST's attention to the issues connected with the Asia RMR. Despite the organizers' response, the portal knows that the players still had access to the Internet during the third playday. However, the situation was clarified later, as BLAST responded to the appeal, refering to the domino effect in solving other issues with the event's organization.

These are not the only difficulties that arose during the organization of Paris Major 2023 Asia RMR. Right on the first day, the organizers encountered serious problems, as Rare Atom's Andrew "kaze" Khong had to seek for medical attention and could not continue the match against VERTEX. Despite being allowed to finish the match with coach Xielin "k4Mi" Zhu stepping in, the game never resumed due to technical issues.

On Saturday, April 8, technical problems arose again during the match between Rare Atom and TYLOO. Even though the match was originally scheduled to start at 16:55 MSK, it had to be postponed for several hours. As a result, the match ended late at night on local time, due to which the organizers had to change the schedule for the next playday.