Team Spirit introduce female roster

Multigaming organization Team Spirit has announced via its official website the signing of a female CS:GO roster. Representing the Dragons, in ESL Impact league in particular, will be a women's lineup, which previously competed under MVP tag.

Aleksey "Nevar" Voronov, known for his time at ENTERPRISE, 9 Pandas and INVSN, will take over as the team's coach. For him, this will be the first experience in a role of a female squad's skipper.

I am happy to become the coach of the female Team Spirit roster. This is my first experience working specifically with a women's team, so it is a challenge for me. I should point out straight away that we do not expect instant results. Our first season is more like a trial run: we will work, get to know each other, and develop our best qualities. I believe and see that the girls have great potential; therefore, I feel optimistic and have high expectations for this new challenge in my career. Root for TSF.

Team Spirit fe will debut on March at ESL Impact League Season 3 Europe. After two Group A stages, the roster has been defeated by Nigma Galaxy and Astralis fe. The next opponent of the roster is BIG EQUIPA.

 Team Spirit fe are currently:

 Lea "⁠xia⁠" Vagová
 Justina "⁠Tynka⁠" Ducká
 Mirte "⁠Moraltis⁠" Horemans
 Svetlana "⁠suns1de⁠" Mevlid
 Jammie "⁠Jammie⁠" Alagozova

 Aleksey "⁠Nevar⁠" Voronov (coach)