Deal to sell amounted to 174 million rubles

The business publication Vedomosti unveiled the amount for which the new owners of bought the asset from VK last fall, citing VK's 2022 financial report. According to the source, the deal to sell amounted to 174 million rubles ($2.27 million).

According to VK,'s book value was 161 million rubles ($2.1 million). Thus, the sale of multigaming organization allowed the company to profit 13 million rubles ($170.000).'s ownership change was announced in September 2022, when Aram Karamanukyan, a previously unknown businessman in the esports industry, was introduced as the club's new Chief Executive Director and investor. Subsequently, ex-CEO of the ESforce holding, Nikolai Petrossian, took over as the organisation's head.

In all disciplines except CS:GO, the ownership change allowed rosters to play under original tag, while Dzhami "Jame" Ali's squad still competes under Outsiders tag. Leading tournament operators imposed the restrictions due to having information on the club's connection to the Russian government amid the hostilities in Ukraine.

Recently, it became known that tournament operator ESL is finalizing the review of the changes in the structure of, which could potentially lead to the lifting of sanctions that were imposed on the club.