Gabe Follower: "CS:GO devs finally started forming skins collection for Anubis"

A well-known data miner, Gabe Follower, announced via his Twitter account that about a week ago, Valve started forming skins collections Anubis and, most likely, Tuscan.

About a week ago CS:GO devs finally started forming skins collection for anubis (and most likely for tuscan), looks like none of these skins were created exclusively and devs just picked up already published workshop publications from community creators (for fixed fee).

The previous set of skins was presented in early February. Then Valve released the Revolution case.

Information on the preparation of the new skins collection appeared shortly after several sources announced the imminent CS: GO’s port to Source 2. In particular, journalist Richard Lewis found out that the beta version is expected to be released no later than April 1.