Gabe Follower: pro players could get access to CS:GO on Source 2

Content maker Gabe Follower, who has repeatedly reported on Valve porting the shooter to a more modern engine, shared an assumption that esports athletes could be involved in testing CS:GO on Source 2.

According to Gabe Follower, NVIDIA drivers’ support for the unknown Counter-Strike 2 application may indicate that someone other than Valve employees got access to the new version of CS:GO. Furthermore, the theory is indirectly confirmed by the mysterious messages with developer tags posted by esports athletes on social media the day before the information became public.

Few days prior, support for csgos2.exe and cs2.exe app executables merged into a project called Counter-Strike 2 had been found in NVIDIA drivers. Dataminers agreed that Valve took the next step towards porting CS:GO to Source 2.

Tyler McVicker, a renowned insider, previously stated that the game would soon be split into two versions, with one operating on Source and the other on Source 2. He clarified that this is necessary to increase the beta testing period.