NVIDIA drivers now support unknown app called Counter-Strike 2

The support for unknown csgos2.exe and cs2.exe app executables merged into a project called Counter-Strike 2, has been found in NVIDIA drivers, according to Reddit user DAOWAce.

A well-known CS:GO content maker, Gabe Follower, suggested via his Twitter account that support for Counter-Strike 2 appeared in February. He came to this conclusion after checking all the NVIDIA drivers over the past few months.

The fact that NVIDIA drivers now support the app executables csgos2.exe and cs2.exe is another piece of indirect evidence pointing towards CS:GO being ported to the new Source 2 engine.

For the first time rumors about the Valve’s shooter port to a more modern engine appeared in 2017. Since then, insiders and dataminers have repeatedly shared data from various sources, which indirectly confirms that CS:GO developers are working on the porting to Source 2.

Origin: www.reddit.com