Sprout looking into returning Zyphon to main roster

Previously benched Rasmus "Zyphon" Nordfoss may get a second chance in Sprout and return to the starting five, the European team's manager Daniel Paulus told Pley.gg.

At the moment we’re testing for the IGL position and it was for us always clear that we want to see Zyphon in this testing phase too. At present, we are conducting a testing phase with a number of players, and we have concluded that it would not be appropriate to retain Berry as our IGL given his value as a coach. Although Berry is a highly skilled player for the role as an IGL, we believe he is better suited to coaching. We are optimistic about finding a suitable replacement by the deadline of 05.03, and we have contingencies in place should an emergency arise. In such cases, we are prepared for Berry to step in temporarily.

It is important to note that today, on February 24, rumors hit the internet about the removal of Ismail "refrezh" Ali from Sprout’s main roster and Zyphon taking his place. The team’s manager refused to comment on this information.

Sprout benched Nordfoss in early February. Afterwards, the team trialed Mikkel "⁠Maze⁠" Sparvath for the IGL role, but the trial ended in two days.

Sprout’s next match will take place on February 27 at the BetBoom Playlist Urbanistic 2023 online event. The team’s opponent will be GODSENT.

Origin: pley.gg