Europe RMR closed qualifier distribution unveiled

The seeding of teams in the closed qualifiers for the upcoming European RMR event has been revealed. The qualifying event is scheduled to play out from February 16-19 and will be split into qualifier A and qualifier B.

Each of the qualifiers will feature 16 teams competing according to the Swiss system with best-of-one matches, with the exception being promotion and elimination games, which will be played in a best-of-three format.

A total of 18 squads will advance to the RMR tournament: 8 each from qualifiers A and B, as well as 2 more from the additional bracket for teams who finish 9-11th in the main stage of the closed qualifiers.

The opening matchups in the closed qualifier A are:

 G2 –  PGE Turow
 Astralis –  LDLC
 9INE –  Mixfits
 Copenhagen Flames –  Eternal Fire
 SAW –  Tricked
 HAVU –  B8
 1WIN –  Viperio
 IKLA –  Into the Breach

The opening matchups in the closed qualifier B are:

 Aurora –  ECSTATIC
 GamerLegion –  Anonymo
 forZe –  HEET
 Monte –  500
 Falcons –  HONORIS
 Apeks –  iNation
 Illuminar –  EYEBALLERS