Magisk names Anubis' main drawback

Vitality's Emil "Magisk" Reif shared his opinion on Anubis in an interview with BLIX. In particular, he cited A site as the map's main drawback, as it is very difficult to defend, which gives the terrorists the opportunity to win rounds easily.

I think it has potential. I think it's overall a decently good map. I think I like the way it is in that sense. But I feel like the bombsites need a little bit of tweaking, like the A bombsite. I feel like I have like 2 spots where I can play. Maybe there are 2 spots because everyone smokes heaven. Everyone is like Molotov on the side of the other side of heaven. So you basically have the big pillar in the middle of the site, and you have the other pillar at the plateau to play on, and it's like basically the only two positions you can play, and it's like you have nowhere to hide.

So when people execute you throwing 4 flashes, and people are just running in your face, and you're just going to be dead because you can't dodge it, and you throw a smoke, but it's going to be 4 people there, and they're just running you down. So I definitely think the A site is really weak for the CTs. I really think it's going to be a site that the T's are going to abuse a lot in official games once they figure out how to avoid getting killed by the AWP because, obviously, a lot of CTs they're going to put AWP around the position like trying to go into the room before going into the site.

Anubis was added to the competitive map pool of CS:GO in November last year. The new map replaced Dust2.

Besides Magisk, other pro scene representatives have previously assessed the advantages and drawbacks of Anubis. Among other things, NAVI's coach Andrey "B1ad3" Gorodenskiy noted the simplicity of the map, making it suitable for all teams.