B1ad3 on Anubis: "It's a really simple map that all the teams like"

NAVI's coach Andrey "B1ad3" Gorodenskiy shared his thoughts about Anubis in a video for the club's YouTube channel. After defeating Liquid at IEM Katowice 2023, the specialist noted the simplicity of the map and told which side has the advantage on it.

The map is really like Cache balance-wise. Not in terms of layout, obviously. It's a really simple map that all the teams like and I was surprised to hear that someone doesn't. All the teams like it because the map is really easy to play. The only downside is that the T's get map control automatically without having to do anything and the CT's have to counteract it. There are a lot of ways to play the defense.

We've only had some limited practice on the map and it's not our main pick so it was a good one from Liquid, but still risky because as I said, the Ts have a huge advantage without having to do much. You gain control, Denis calls the shots, and we tried to apply some pressure here and there on the map, and run some fakes while playing off communication. I think this map has really great tactical potential and you can do a lot of stuff on the offense and defense. We haven't played it much yet but I think we'll practice it some more tomorrow. Practice enough to pick it? 3 practice games will be enough because we're a skilled team with experienced players. It takes one game to understand the idea and use it as a tool. Not pick ourselves but to be able to play it when teams pick against us. There are a lot of ways to surprise an opponent playing on the defense.

Anubis was added to the competitive map pool in November last year as part of a major CS:GO update. The new map replaced Dust2.

Origin: youtu.be