"We just have a lot of really good teams". SPUNJ assesses current state of pro scene

Caster Chad "SPUNJ" Burchill shared his opinion on the current state of the CS:GO pro scene on the Talking Counter podcast. He believes that there are currently a lot of teams in the conversation for victories at top-tier events.

I'm not going to sit here and go that it's the G2 supremacy, they're going to be the best team in the world. That's not the case. The team with these type of players can win an event. Right now we have a lot of teams who fall into that bucket. And that was the whole conversation going into the Rio Major as well. There were so many teams on the radar who could potentially win that event, who could truly be a contender for it and pick up the trophy if they were playing the best CS on any given Sunday, which Outsiders were at the Rio Major. This is the period of Counter-Strike that we might find ourselves in now.

SPUNJ also urged the CS:GO community not to underestimate the importance of the victories of individual teams by saying that this success was achieved only because of the competitors' weaknesses.

You look back at this year of CS and sure, we had the FaZe dominance in the first six months, but you look outside of that, the second half of the year we've had so many different names lift trophies. I think that right there is the most telling point of where Counter-Strike is currently at. We just have a lot of really good teams. And then you get the guys who come out and go: "Oh, no, this team is weak and this has this going on". It's like man, we don't have a consistent season. All these teams don't make their roster changes at the same time. We don't just go right now and everybody just makes their roster changes and we start. That's not how this works. We're on this constant rolling schedule where everybody is changing and chopping on their own accord, where they think it's viable, when those trades are available to them. And then people look to pull down the achievements of teams who are winning in a certain time by saying that other teams are weak at the moment. This constant conversation never stops. It's just perpetual bullshit.

SPUNJ spoke out on competition in the pro scene as part of a discussion of G2's unexpected victory at the prestigious BLAST Premier World Final 2022 tournament. In the grand final of the event, which was the last one ahead of the winter off-season, the European squad got the better of Liquid.

Origin: anchor.fm