v1lat: "In open sources, Virtus.pro, players and the trademark still belong to ESforce"

Esports caster Vitalii "v1lat" Volochai explained during a live stream on his Twitch channel why tournament operators do not lift sanctions from Virtus.pro, despite the organization's statement about a complete change of ownership and investors. According to him, data in open sources confirm that the club is still owned by the ESforce holding, which is a subsidiary of VK, while the acquisition by an Armenian businessman is a sham.

VP didn't even move from their office to Yota Arena? This attempt to prove to the whole world that the club was sold to a random dude from Armenia is just so stupid... Virtus.pro are so stupid that they registered some firm as a sole proprietor somewhere in Yerevan and made an announcement on behalf of that person that he was the new owner. At the same time, Virtus.pro belonged to the public company VK, but they didn't bother to the point where they didn't even transfer contracts. In open sources, VP, players and the trademark still belong to the holding they were part of. This can be checked in two clicks.

Earlier, Virtus.pro announced the change of ownership and intention to return the opportunity to its teams to switch the temporary Outsiders tag back to the original name. In doing so, the organization wished to get rid of the ban from the biggest tournaments, which was handed due to the fact that the organizers had information about the club's ties to the Russian government amid hostilities in Ukraine.

PGL and Valve allowed Outsiders to represent Virtus.pro at The International 2022 (Dota 2) after studying the documents provided by the club, however, in CS:GO, the VP roster continued to compete as Outsiders, including at the last Major that was organized by ESL.

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