Astralis and BIG advance to Elisa Masters Espoo 2022 semifinals

The quarterfinals of Elisa Masters Espoo 2022 saw Astralis take over ENCE (11:16 on Mirage, 16:14 on Ancient and 22:20 on Overpass) and BIG best 500 (16:13 on Nuke and 16:9 on Inferno). The winners will continue to fight for the trophy, whereas the losing teams now find themselves eliminated from the tournament.

The semifinal matches will take place on November 19. BIG will face off against Sprout at 17:30 MSK, while the confrontation between Astralis and fnatic is set to kick off at 21:00 MSK.

The playoff bracket currently looks as follows:

The full schedule, up-to-date results and live broadcast of Elisa Masters Espoo 2022 can be found on the tournament page on our website via this link.