"It’ll be even better in Paris". hally and chopper sum up IEM Rio Major 2022 for Team Spirit

Team Spirit coach Sergey "hally" Shavaev and in-game leader Leonid "chopper" Vishnyakov commented on the CIS squad's performance at IEM Rio Major 2022 in a video for the club's YouTube channel. In particular, the team coach noted that a 5-8th place finish is a good result that will be improved at BLAST Paris Major 2023.

The guys really fought and showed their spirit, and I love them very much for that, and I think we fulfilled our goal for the tournament. We showed a good result for us, it’ll be even better in Paris. <...> When 15k people were booing at us, we knew there were people watching streams and supporting us. It's great and important to us, we see all the messages, thank you so much!

chopper analyzed in detail the defeat by Heroic in a quarterfinal of the concluded Major, where Team Spirit lost 0:2.

I feel like we can achieve more than the quarterfinals of the tournament. <...> [In the quarterfinal against Heroic] we lost the strong T side on Vertigo, and not all of our players were showing their best performance, so we couldn’t win it. Each of us had a couple of mistakes for CT, so we couldn’t come back. Our communication was more or less alright when they attacked us on A and we went B. On Overpass, CT wasn’t enough, 5-10, that’s very little. Again, it’s the same story. You have to play this team differently, but it didn't work out for us. We tried to make a comeback for T, but it wasn't enough Thank you all for your support. We worked really hard.

Earlier, Robert "Patsi" Isyanov also summed up Team Spirit's run at IEM Rio Major 2022. The esports athlete drew attention to a large number of mistakes in the match against Heroic, where the squad played on maps that are considered to be the strongest in the team's arsenal.

Origin: youtu.be