drop: "I think this is the best chance for FURIA to beat NAVI"

In the upcoming IEM Rio Major 2022 quarterfinals, FURIA have a good chance of besting NAVI, the team's member, Andre "drop" Abreu, said in an interview with a Globo Esporte journalist.

We are facing them at a very good time. Looking back, I think this is the best chance for FURIA to beat NAVI. NAVI have a fantastic lineup. Not only s1mple but also all the players individually are very good and consistent. They have a very good system but the team is not going through its best period. NAVI were the best team in the world in 2021, however, due to a roster change and several bad results, they lost some ground. They want to return to the number one spot in the rankings but this desire puts additional pressure on NAVI.

drop hopes that the match against NAVI will be a continuation of FURIA's successful Major run, over the course of which the Brazilians lost only one best-of-one.

Due to the fans and our results at this tournament, many see FURIA as a contender for victory at the Major. NAVI will be our first opponents from the top 10 of the world ranking and, obviously, the most difficult of all. We need to not slow down and never be weak with anyone.

FURIA and NAVI will face off today, November 11, at 23:30 MSK. In the semifinals, the better team of this confrontation will be going up against the winners of the Heroic – Team Spirit matchup.

Origin: ge.globo.com