"Everything is predetermined". NBK- does not believe in French teams at BLAST Paris Major 2023

Falcons' Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt gave an interview to L'Equipe, where he shared his opinion on the current state of the French CS:GO scene in the context of the next Major, which will be held in Paris in 2023. The eminent esports athlete does not believe that any French team will succeed at the home event.

I think the French scene needs a revival. Many of our teams were having the same lineup for a long time and did not make any replacements that should have been made naturally. If we talk about the next Major, then everything is predetermined. Many teams will try to get there through a very tough European region, but if something radically changes for the better, then only in a year or two, with players whom we do not yet know coming at the forefront.

The problem is that there is still a gap between the best French teams and the level just below. In CS: Source, where France was very strong, there were many LAN tournaments. You had the opportunity to look at strong teams, hear their communication and exchange opinions with the best players. This is the part of natural progress that we have lost.

BLAST Paris Major 2023 was announced a month ago. The prestigious Valve-sponsored tournament will run from May 8 to 21.

Origin: www.lequipe.fr