Outsiders and 9z win in Challengers Stage round 3 at IEM Rio Major 2022

Outsiders and 9z were successful in the third round of the Challengers Stage at IEM Rio Major 2022. Dzhami "Jame" Ali's men defeated Vitality (16:12 on Overpass), while the South American team took over Evil Geniuses (19:17 on Nuke).

Outsiders and 9z secured their second victories at the ongoing Major, which will see them play for a ticket to the Legends Stage in the fourth round of the Challengers Stage. In turn, Vitality and Evil Geniuses moved to the 1-2 pool, where there is no room for error.

The following matchups will continue the matchday at IEM Rio Major 2022: OG – FURIA and BIG – Grayhound.

The Challengers Stage's current results are:

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